The Power of Choice

The best price, plan and suppliers that best fits your needs.

Patriot Energy is a licensed retail energy brokerage focused on delivering value to businesses in North America. We provide competitively priced energy products and services with the overall goal of energy cost, emissions and usage reduction for our customers.

Electricity Solutions

There are numerous ways to buy electricity. Based on the market, customer's risk tolerance, usage patterns, size and specific business goals, Patriot Energy Group will work with you to design a purchasing strategy.More Info >

Natural Gas Solutions

Natural Gas markets can be very volatile which makes managing this expense extremely difficult for businesses. At Patriot Energy Group we have a variety of plans that customers can choose from to meet their goals.More Info >

Green Solutions

Patriot Energy Group offers a variety of programs designed to promote efficient and intelligent energy use. We have all of the resources needed to successfully plan and execute a comprehensive energy solutions program.More Info >