Standard offer supply rates in Maine have increased by roughly 7% annually and have nearly doubled since 2000. Utility costs have risen 54.68% since 2004. Electricity consumers in Maine have seen substantial increases in the cost of electricity beginning in the third quarter of 2008. Therefore, this is an excellent time for consumers in Maine to take advantage of Patriot Energy’s many successful purchasing strategies. Whether you are interested in maximizing savings or providing your business with budget certainty, Patriot Energy has the right program for you. Choosing Patriot Energy does not sacrifice the quality and dependability associated with your utility’s service. From our client’s standpoint, the only change recognized when choosing Patriot Energy is in the method of pricing (your rate per kilowatt hour), all other components remain unchanged. Patriot Energy will work with you to design a purchasing strategy that will allow your business to take full advantage of the deregulated electricity markets.