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US New England oil-fired generation averaging 16.2 GWh/day in 2014: ISO NE

3/31/14 | Platts

Oil-fired power plants in New England have accounted for about 5.3% of total generation in the region so far this year, more than eight times the level during the same period of 2013, according to data grid operator ISO New England published Wednesday.

The ISO, which handles electric markets for Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont, showed generation from oil-fired units averaged 16.201 GWh/day through March 24, compared with about 1.991 GWh/d, or 0.6% of total generation, during the comparable period last year.

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Natural Gas

EIA: US gas output to beat 2013 record

3/12/14 | Upstream

The US Energy Information Administration on Tuesday raised its estimate for US natural gas production in 2014 to 2.5% over 2013's record-high level, due primarily to higher output from shale plays in the Lower 48 states, according to a report. This would be the fourth straight annual record.

EIA said it expects the Henry Hub gas spot price, which averaged $3.73 per million British thermal units in 2013, will average $4.44 per mmBtu in 2014, an increase of 28 cents from the 2014 projection in last month's energy outlook. EIA noted Henry Hub spot prices were volatile over the past two months with prices up from $3.95 per mmBtu on 10 January to a high of $8.15 on 10 February, before falling back to $4.61 on 27 February and bouncing back up to $7.98 on 4 March.

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Green Energy

Wind generation output in ERCOT breaks record

3/31/13 | Todays Energy Solutions

March winds brought a new wind power record to the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) region Wednesday evening, March 26, when instantaneous output reached a record 10,296MW at 8:48 p.m.

At the time the new record was set, wind generation was providing nearly 29% of the 35,768MW of electricity being used on the ERCOT grid. The new record beats the previous record set earlier this month by more than 600MW, and the American Wind Energy Association reports it was a record for any U.S. power system.

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Pennsylvania Public Utility Commissioner pushes new electricity regulations

4/14/14 | Pittsburgh Post Gazette

Pennsylvania Public Utility Commissioner Pam Witmer urged a Pennsylvania House committee Thursday to adopt a series of regulations that would give the state's electricity consumers more information and less waiting time when trying to switch suppliers.

The PUC last week introduced regulations that would cut the time it takes to switch electricity suppliers to three days, down from an average of 11 to 40 days, depending on the billing cycle. The proposed changes also would provide interested consumers with clearer contract language and more disclosures about the variability of the rates.

The PUC proposals came in response to more than 15,000 calls the agency received about high electricity bills this winter. Most of the calls came from customers who had either signed up for a variable-rate plan or had their fixed-rate plan expire and were moved to a variable rate plan.

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Northeast didn't get the memo on springtime yet

3/25/14 | Generation Hub

Yesterday New England recorded a spot power price of $122.41/MWh, which was 153% higher than the previous business day. NYC was at $104.56/MWh or nearly 90% higher than the prior business day. The Mid-Atlantic also saw an escalated spot power price of $85.85/MWh, which was about 94% higher than the prior business day.

Nine of the 10 EIA reporting regions showed higher spot power prices on March 24 compared to the prior business day. Meanwhile, spot natural gas prices across the regions moderated with six of the 10 EIA regions showing a decreased in spot gas prices. New England had the highest spot gas price at $7.75/mmBtu.

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