Will I lose power if the Competitive Supplier goes out of business?

Absolutely not. In this instance, your local utility will step in and be the supplier of last resort. This means that in the unlikely event the Competitive Supplier goes out of business, the Utility MUST provide you service instantly without any downtime.

What happens if my lights go out? Who do I call?

Since the utility (NSTAR, National Grid, UI, TXU, etc.) is still your electricity provider, and the only thing that changes is the price you pay, you would still call the utility the same way you do right now.

Who should I call regarding my bills, contract, rates, etc.?

You may call your designated Commercial Account Executive at any time with any questions related to electricity or natural gas. Our Account Executives are armed with up-to-date market information, are able to produce savings analyses upon request, and will answer any questions you may have. You may also call our Customer Service Department toll-free at 1-866-464-1254.

How will I be billed?

Most of our suppliers are involved in a billing system called “dual-billing”. With this type of billing, you will receive one bill from the Competitive Supplier for just the Generation (supply) portion of your bill, and one bill from your Utility Company for the Delivery portion. Since the utility companies own the lines and deliver the power, they will always bill for this portion. Your Patriot Energy Account Executive will take the time to help you understand your bills and answer any questions you may have regarding your energy bills.